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Monday, October 5, 2015


Today's Word I Hate To Say is Unprepossessing!

Collins Dictionary - Unprepossessing
unprepossessing (ˌʌnpriːpəˈzɛsɪŋ )


  1. not creating a favourable impression; unattractive


= unattractive, unpleasant, unappealing, unsightly, uninviting, scuzzy (informal)

Examples of LATTER

  1. A squat, unprepossessing face, moustache, tiny round glasses that gave an intellectual air.
    - Nabb, Magdalen, Vagheggi, Paolo PROSECUTOR
    His guide suddenly stopped before a dilapidated café; outwardly, at least, it was unprepossessing in the extreme.
    - Maclean, Alistair THE LONELY SEA
    Quite how Neville has managed to find such an unprepossessing place for a party is beyond me.
    - Alex George LOVE YOU MADLY (2002)

My new Word I Hate To Say is Unprepossessing.   This word is such a rare word to hear, but so annoying when spoken.  The main reason for my rant today is that the word unprepossessing sounds and feels like it is full of unnecessary redundancies.  

Let's break it down...

Un - A prefix meaning NOT

Pre - A 2nd prefix in the same word meaning BEFORE

Possess - Belonging to someone or to take ownership

Ing -  A suffix often implying action as in a verb

Does any of this make sense?  NOT, BEFORE, ACTIVELY, TAKING OWNERSHIP?  How does that mean unattractive?

Anyway...  Here is a clip of a song where the word Unprepossessing is heard.  It is my favorite mash-up medley of songs from the WIcked Musical featuring Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera - 2 amazing and talented vocal artist! Unprepossessing happens at 1:20 in the video!  

ENJOY - and if you like these singers, like/follow them on YouTube.

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